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Why a Gap Year?

I know everyone else is doing it...but have you thought about why you're doing it?

Nachamol Chazara! Importance Of and Tips For Chazara

Ever had that experience of walking out of a Sicha, Shiur, or Shmooze, having someone ask you what it was about, and drawing a blank? Or going out for Shabbos, your host asks you what Sugya you're up to, and the best you can come up with is the Perek - or the Masechta? Let's talk about Chazara.

Sugyas In Sukkahs: Things To Think About

You'll be spending a lot of time in your Sukkah over the Chag. Think about and discuss the ideas here - Sukkos will never be the same again.

Setting and Working Towards Goals

“The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never score.” - Bill Copeland

Shabbos Symposium

A debate almost as classic as Vilna vs Oz V'Hadar and Tzitzis in or out: Spend Shabbos in, or go out as much as possible?

Mah Nishtana HaShana HaZeh - CoronaZman (Kayitz 5780)

While we're alone at home getting ready for the smallest Seder of our lives, let's ask ourselves the question - how was this end-of-zman different than all the other ends-of-zman? And how are we supposed to grow from that?

Year in Israel...In America?

Why does the Year in Israel have to take place in Israel? Would it be such a catastrophe if we stayed local, whether in our home communities or traveled a little farther afield, for a year dedicated to learning and growth?

CandleWatching: Things To Think About

Grab a chair and sit down next to your candles. Instead of picking up a Sefer, reflect on these ideas as your Menora reflects off the foil-covered table. Chanuka will never be the same again.

Answering Life's Deepest Questions

What does Hashem want me to do with my life? Better find out now, before you start making the big decisions which will determine where your life goes...

On Poland

The Poland trip can be one of the most inspiring, impactful trips you ever take in your life. Here are some important thoughts to help maximize the experience.

A Note About Notetaking

When you can whip out a Dvar Torah on every single Parsha and share some thoughts on every YomTov year after your year in Israel, you'll appreciate that you took the time to write notes on your learning.

Am I Growing Yet?

Growth seems to be everyone's favorite topic in Yeshiva and Seminary. But how do I know if I'm actually doing it?

Formal Tefilla Tips

I promise, I won't ask you if you'd be on time to a meeting with Lebron James. Tips on improving formal Tefilla, starting with appreciating the opportunity we get three times a day.

Top 10 Things to Look For in a Chavrusa

A handy checklist for choosing a new Chavrusa...or making yourself into a better Chavrusa.

Fantastic Rebbeim and Where To Find Them

One day or two? Ask your Rebbi. Will these fries make me Fleishik? Ask your Rebbi. Should I be a camp counselor or do BMP? Ask your don't have a Rebbi yet?! This post is for you.

Are We Allowed to Wear Shorts in the Old City?

Elul in Israel is for adapting to a new environment, new challenges, and new questions. After Sukkos Bein HaZmanim, you'll be ready to jump right in.

The Blind Date

Ready to spend three hours with someone you’ve never met, trying to keep a conversation going the whole time? No, not a blind date, not a Shidduch date – it’s your new Chavrusa!

Tortoise and the Hare

Every Yeshiva and Seminary has these two types. Which one are you?

A Healthy Learning Diet: Hitting All the Food Groups (Part 1)

By sampling the 'buffet' of different areas of Torah, you can begin building your knowledge base as well as find the area that speaks to you.

A Healthy Learning Diet: Hitting All the Food Groups (Part 2)

By sampling the 'buffet' of different areas of Torah, you can begin building your knowledge base as well as find the area that speaks to you. Part 1 discussed Gemara, Bekius, and Chumash; Part 2 will cover Nach, Halacha, Mussar and Hashkafa