About Before Your Year

Going to Yeshiva or Seminary for a year is an incredible experience. It's an opportunity for growth, to expand your horizons, and to advance the perspective that the rest of your life will be built on. 

At the same time, the unknowns can be scary - anything from "Where will I stock up on Oreos and American shampoo?" to "What am I going to do every Shabbat?" Over time, we realized two things: Often, incoming students were asking the same questions year after year, and sometimes, they weren't getting answers or realizing what opportunities they had available until well into the year.

This site is designed to answer those questions.

Everyone deals with the same big-picture issues over their time in Israel, no matter which program they're part of: What does it really mean to grow? How do I balance old friends with new aspirations? What does Israel mean to me? How do I choose a Rebbi to build a relationship with? How do I break up with my Chavrusa in the least awkward way possible? This site features articles discussing these questions and more, with more articles and perspectives being added over time. Most of the content is written by me, Rav Tzvi Goldstein. We welcome submissions from current and former Talmidim, as well as other people involved in the Year In Israel experience; please reach out to discuss or send us your submission!

Reach out to byyisrael@gmail.com if you have questions, want to get involved in BYY, or just to let us know that this site was helpful!