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You have an incredible year coming up! Use the ideas and information here to maximize your opportunities.

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The unknowns can be scary -

anything from "Where will I stock up on Oreos and American shampoo?" to "What am I going to do every Shabbat?" With a little advance knowledge from those who have been in your shoes in your Yeshiva or Seminary, you'll be able to hit the ground running. This site is designed to answer some of your questions and provide resources for your better understanding and insight, making the process that much more comfortable. Going to Yeshiva or Seminary for a year is an incredible experience. We're here to help make it as good as it can be.

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Welcome! But What Are You Doing Here?

I know everyone else is doing it...but have you thought about why you're doing it?

Answering Life's Deepest Questions

What does Hashem want me to do with my life? Better find out now, before you start making the big decisions which will determine where your life goes...

The Blind Date

Ready to spend three hours with someone you’ve never met, trying to keep a conversation going the whole time? No, not a blind date, not a Shidduch date – it’s your new Chavrusa!

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Don't be afraid to ask older guys for a Chavrusa

Older Talmidim, Madrichim, Shoalim U'Meishivim, even Rebbeim-A Chavrusa with someone you want to build a stronger relationship with can build your skills, expose you to new areas of Torah, and add a new angle to the relationship. Not everyone has time, but it can't hurt to ask...

Bring a pair of waterproof boots/shoes

You'll want something for the rainy (and potentially snowy) days. If they're hiking boots, they'll be good for tiyulim, too.

Breakfast after Vasikin

The Lachmanyot at Ma'apeh Ne'eman, on the way towards Sha'ar Tzion, come out of the oven right around the end of Vasikin. Getting a couple of fresh rolls and a Shoko B'Sakit is the best way to finish off an all-night learning session.